In 1977, the question was asked.. Who is the World’s Strongest Man?  Since then, the championship has been the final word on who is the strongest of them all.

From Niece to Nassau to Malta to Morocco, each year athletes would become stronger than the year before. They would be BIGGER, BOLDER, BETTER. They would be better than anything the world has ever seen.  Competitors who push their bodies to the limit.  Sometimes risking their lives in the process.

Why do they do it?  That question may never be answered but what we do know is that every year, it’s settled, decided, and undisputed.  And without question, the last man standing is truly the strongest. With 25 athletes going head to head testing strength by squatting 317kg (700lbs) or shattering a deadlift world record with a lift of 537.5kg (1185lbs). These athletes bring nothing but their best in their quest for the title as the next World’s Strongest Man.